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Hi, my name is Hildur, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Iceland. This is actually my second post here but I just wanted to tell you guys why I think I should be in the hotties network. 
Besides all the reasons I said in my post before there are few more I would like to say..

First of all, I reblogged the hotties network post 58 times ( yup, I counted ) and maybe that was a bit to much haha, but I have never been so crazy before haha.  I have never actually wanted to be in any network until I saw the hotties network, simply because it’s flawless and stunning. But anyway some of my followers got tired of me reblogging the same thing over and over again and unfollowed me ): (which i completely understand haha ). I didn’t have that many followers before, so it would be such a bummer if I didn’t get into this network at all. 

Here is the link to my first post ! :)

As I have probably made clear I love this network and the guys are just asdfghjk !

How awesome would it be to be the hottie in my picture, Niall Horan ? Just sayin’

But yeah I hope you choose wisely the blogs in your network (:

Have a nice day ! :))

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